William Owens’ Speech at The Tea Party Press Conference


    William Owens at the Press Conference August 4, 2010

    Washington, DC National Press Club



    Racist! Racist! Racist!

    Are you a racist?

    Am I a racist?



    Racism exists in America but the word has lost its historical meaning. If my white brother was to use the word—now bear with me—“Niggar” “in a friendly or playful manner toward me in front of my black brothers, he would be thought of as racist. BUT if my black brother greeted me with the same jovial banter, no one would take offense. It’s understood and accepted like that.

    Throughout history, the word racist meant that one race is genetically superior to all other races; it meant I should be fearful for my life and my family. It manifests itself in “slavery”, “lynching” and “not served here” … today the word Racist is becoming trivial, it has lost its power. This word MUST be respected.

    Diluting RACISM to a “trump card” — spits in its’ face!

    In the words of a great American … Martin Luther King, Jr. “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

    Today, due to political correctness, every American’s words are becoming enslaved to the perceptions of another. This must stop or these words will lose their truth.

    Good morning, my name is William Owens. My wife of 25 years, Selena, and I, have traveled this United States and have spoken at over 150 Tea Party Express rallies. We stand tall for our Constitution, our freedoms and every American who desires to reset our great country. As an author, I have written books about spiritual warfare, our current President, and reclaiming America.

    Regardless of political party or pigmentation, education or media muscle as a nation, we have a failure: We are quick to judge and slow to forgive; often losing sight of what’s at stake. Why? Because unlike our Founding Fathers, we do not yet see the threat of our real enemies the way they saw the threat of theirs.    We are losing sight of the goal of America: Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. We must stand on the words of the Constitution; a Constitution that reminds us of our imperfections … it states we must “form a MORE PERFECT union.” NOT a PERFECT union … but more and more PERFECT. My friends, this takes unity.

    Benjamin Franklin’s words would serve us well: “if we don’t hang together, we will undoubtedly hang separately.” Tea Party groups would do well to recognize the strength of the cornerstone of UNITY.

    We must recognize that organizations like the NAACP and their leaders are again falling into a form of slavery. But, this slavery is not one of chains and borders. It is the slavery of “silencing” words of truth under the guise of racism. Again.  You’re a racist, you’re a racist, I’m a racist.  If we are to be slaves, then let us be slaves to UNITY, Compassion and Love. Martin Luther King wrote “Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.”

    My friends, the “Trump Card” of racism has become an insidious form of censorship that mocks genuine dialog and debate that can reset America. We must UNITE, we must FORGIVE. On this note, the NAACP’s lack of these traits should speak louder than its diversionary claims of racism within the Tea Party Movement.

    As I reflect over the past two weeks, I find media falling into the trap of the media. Even Glenn Beck tripped up by not confronting the real enemy. Though I understand his concern, let me emphatically state that the Tea Party Express is not the enemy and should not be condemned. We are all fighting for Americans who are looking up to us to lead them in taking back our country.  Let’s not discourage them by delving into non-relevant issues or even serious mistakes. I’m sure we’ll make a few more along the way. But I’m careful even in expressing my concern, less I stumble upon this human frailty that we all share.

    Lastly, let me address the resignation of Mark Williams as Chairman of the Tea Party Express.  No matter his intent, Mark’s response to the NAACP’s claims were unwise, and proved to be counterproductive to the Tea Party Movement. Mark apologized, and we have accepted his apology and have forgiven him. Likewise the Tea Party Express’ slowness to address Mark’s behavior has obviously created doubt regarding our own core values.  Suffice to say our slowness by no means should be interpreted as being racist or condoning racism, but was borne out of our loyalty to a friend, not in defense of his words. And yes, we are still Mark’s friend.

    Now we must find the silver lining in this and construct a bridge of the many divides. I believe the Tea Party Movement is that bridge.

    While all our playbooks are different in the Tea Party Movement, the end zone is the same: Reduce the size of intrusive government and get strong fiscal and constitutional officers back at the helm of leadership in DC,
    I pledge my family to the cause of Liberty, Freedom and the Constitutional Heritage, this I hold SO dear as a Conservative BLACK American.   MY forefathers, both black and white, fought shoulder to shoulder with other patriots to secure and maintain the freedoms endowed to every American. AMERICA we battle against the hijacking of our culture – our words of meaning.

    I pray that together, we use our platform to unite and not further divide, to build up not tear down, and to forgive rather than hold a damaging grudge.  Every one of us must be about the business of making peace for the Love of God, Family and Country.   May we all use our influence for the good of America and the preservation of our future for our children and theirs to come.

    Thank You and May we raise the shield of Faith for America.