Tea Party – A Genuine Movement


    The Tea Party is a genuine movement of the American people. Black, White & Hispanic Americans who are simply freedom loving citizens. It derives its power from the people who attend rallies and voice their concerns for this great nation. The movement has galvanized many people to celebrate their values and principles of our Constitutional Republic. People are hearing the music of liberty and freedom, and dancing, singing and celebrating who they are as Americans. No matter your ethnicity, if you are an American who holds to our founding principles, you make the Tea Party what it is.

    To remain silent and unattached from the issues will never be the standard again. NEVER. The people are giving power to the Tea Party— and we must ensure that no one figurehead or group ever “owns” it. As soon as this is attempted, we must resist. And there will be an attempt. Why? Because humans just do that kind of stuff.

    The key to the success of the movement is to never be intimidated. Being an American is a full contact sport. You’ll have your bullies who don’t play fairly, and certainly you will draw fouls. Take the shots that are passed to you, and keep pushing forward.

    Victory is within the heart. It is certain. Join the movement now.