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If you are interested in reaching the grassroots community with your group, business or organization, then be heard and seen through Tea Party Express TV. We have captured the passion of American patriots in practically every part of the country, and we are a source of information and inspiration as we take America back! Now, with, we will become even more interactive with our audience through a variety of unique and well-targeted media efforts.

In the true spirit of freedom and liberty, we intend to make our platform accessible to groups, businesses, and organizations that seek to support us while we also support them. With limited space available to advertise, we ensure that our viewers will not be overly burdened with sponsors.

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You will also receive a FREE copy of a special Tea Party Express edition of Why the Conservative Minds Matter.  A compulation of essays written by the conserative thinksers of our day.

Chuck Colson, Tony Perkins, Ken Blackwell, Dr. Alveda King, Collin Hana and many more.  This book is not available at stores.

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